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Our climate is breaking down. Rising seas and extreme weather events are costing lives and putting tens of millions of people around the world at risk. The state of the climate and the health of our planet’s living systems are intimately linked, and changes in one will radically affect the other.

However, climate change also presents an opportunity to change the way we live so we improve things for us and the planet. Change is often the result of grassroots efforts and working together to lower our carbon footprints is no exception. People tend to think there is nothing they can do about climate change, or their small efforts do not really matter, however, experts suggest that neither one of those things are true. There is an urgent need to change people’s understanding of the climate change challenge that faces us all and present a positive, action focused narrative through social media and word-of-mouth.   

Calendar for Climate Change represents a new educational intervention drawing on the tacit knowledge of older generations and the technical know-how of young digital natives and bringing the best of both the past and the present together to form a robust and accessible educational programme to raise climate change awareness.

Calendar4Climate Change provides seniors with the opportunity to exchange their tacit knowledge with today’s digital native population in exchange for the technical know-how that the younger generations take for granted. While senior learners can help to address this need of younger learners for support and direction in their fight against climate change, young people can support senior learners through introducing them to new and emerging technology platforms, that can help them to prepare for and engage with the digital transition that is sweeping across European society.


Project Results

Calendar4ClimateChange project partners are collaborating to develop the following project results. These are the core education products that we are developing in this project to support senior and young adult learners to address the climate crisis:

Project Result 1

Calendar for Climate Change Resources:

The Calendar for Climate Change resources are the main project result for the members of the general public of all ages. This project result comprises a combination of 12 low-tech resources and 12 high-tech resources that address climate change issues that are appropriate for each month of the year taking into consideration the climate change challenges that are pertinent for each month in each partner country. These digital resources are presented as QR Codes on a printed Calendar, which will stimulate inter-generational learning between senior learners and young people to tackle the climate crisis together.

The Calendar and resources address themes related to climate change, including: Transport, Energy Efficiency, Lighting, Recycling, Ecology, Water Conservation, Food Waste, Heating, Packaging, Travel, Consumption and Consumerism and Food Waste.

Partners are developing 24 resources that are specific to each country; comprising (1) an introductory video to present the concept or  issue being addressed; (2) a step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to implement the low-tech or high-tech solution; (3) an example of the solution in practice.

Combining the knowledge of seniors and digital natives to address climate change is an innovation and presenting the resources through an interactive calendar represents a new way of bringing climate change education into the public domain.

Project Result 2

Inter-generational Learning In-service Programme:

The Calendar4Climate Change Project provides a bespoke in-service training programme to ensure that adult educators are fully trained to harness the potential of the Calendar for Climate Change suite of resources to raise climate change awareness and support digital natives and seniors to work together in a learning environment based on inter-generational exchange and mutual respect.

The curriculum for educators comprises learning content to address the pedagogic challenges associated with; (1) online learning and working in dynamic online environments; (2) developing inter-generational learning programmes.

In addition, the programme includes learning content to teach educators how to build engaging media-rich resources and take advantage of the many open-source software programmes now available to aid the design and production of engaging learning materials

Project Result 3

Calendar for Climate Change Mobile App:

An online version of the Calendar4Climate Change resources and calendar is presented online through the C4CC Mobile App. This App also supports the development of digital skills of senior and young adult learners; and supports the intergenerational collaboration between these two groups.


Calendar4ClimateChange is currently being developed and promoted by a team of 8 partner organisations from across Europe.


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